Product Showcase

Please scroll through below to see a tiny selection of our cider and perry. We typically have between 60 and 80 different types of bottled cider/perry available from the Cider Shop. Here is a small introduction.
  • Raison D'Être Cider

    Raison D'Être Cider

    This cider represents a project of passion to present our highest quality cider in a form it deserves. The utmost care has gone into creating a cider representative of our orchards and of our skill as cidermakers. It is created solely from Dabinett & Michelin apples grown by ourselves, fermented in oak barrels using the wild yeast from our farm, and matured for two years until the tannins reached their peak complexity. The presentation of the bottle is intended to set a new standard for premium, high quality cider with a completely transparent label detailing the method and ingredients used (99.5% juice, 0.5% sugar, trace sulphites) with a map of our farm as the artwork to highlight the orchard-based nature of this natural cider, a term chosen to separate our cider from ciders produced using artificial methods.
  • C1 First Press 2018

    C1 First Press 2018

    C1 is a Foxwhelp Single Variety Cider, pressed in mid September 2018 and bottled after just six weeks, after wild fermentation rapidly completed in the warm early autumn weather. Into the bottle at 1003 S.G. with just a touch of priming sugar (0.5%) to ensure a bottle conditioned finish. This is a punchy, fruity and unapologetically acid dominant Cider. It’s bright, bold label advertises it’s status as a natural cider, wild ferment as well as, providing an ingredients list and signposting suitability for vegans and coeliacs (Gluten Free).
  • Birdbarker Perry & Cider

    Birdbarker Perry & Cider

    ‘Birdbarker’ is the brand name of our modern, refreshing, medium-dry sparkling cider and perry. Available in bottles or in keg. Birdbarker is made from a complex blend of apples (cider) or pears (perry), in just 3000L batches. This gives it an exciting, seasonal quality where the flavour varies slightly due to natural factors occuring each season – but we use our skill as cidermakers to create a blend which hits our desired flavour profile of balanced, fruity, intense and tannic. Birdbarker Cider won First Prize in the Royal Three Counties Show for Medium Cider in 2018.
  • The Alpaca Range

    The Alpaca Range

    Two different ciders and one perry all featuring our beloved Broome Farm Alpacas on the label. “Cyder,” a still, dry blended cider with smooth notes and soft tannin. “Blossom,” a medium-dry, still, blended cider with that added sweetness that many enjoy. “Perry,” a medium-dry still blended perry that gives you the quintessential flavours of perry pears.
  • Suzie Wong Cider

    Suzie Wong Cider

    A Medium Sweet Still Cider offering featuring our farm cat, ‘Suzie’ on the label. Our beautiful Suzie has been the delight of many visitors to our farm and we have chosen to name the sweetest cider that we make after her.
  • Headless Man Cider

    Headless Man Cider

    This sculpture was made for us by our dear friend Alan Ross and has been the name for this iconic cider for several years now. A Medium Dry cider we fermented in an Oak Barrel and then pasteurised, this slightly sweet delight is a favourite of many of our customers.
  • Harry Masters Jersey Cider

    Harry Masters Jersey Cider

    This is an example of our typical cider. A single variety, bittersweet cider we fermented to dry and then bottle conditioned. The outcome is a cider with a flavour unique to the few other craft makers in Herefordshire and around the world who make this incredible style of cider.