The Cider Club Next Club : Chapel Sider - Saturday 27th May

Come and join us at the Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow.

Cider Club is held at the Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow, HR96JZ

Cider Club – Saturday 27th May –

Chapel Sider with James Finch

Experience a talk and tasting like no other. From the cider newbie to the cidermaker, attending a Cider Club is a surefire way to enjoy your evening, develop your knowledge and have your passion for cider kickstarted.

You will have an opportunity to meet both cider makers and enthusiasts as well as chat with those who share your passion.

2023 Calendar

25th February: Robert Castle
Sunday March 26th: Yew Tree’s First Cider Supper Club!
April 22nd: Blue Barrel Cider
May 27th: Chapel Sider
June 24th: TBC
July 29th: Yew Tree Cider Challenge
THURSDAY August 31st: Cider Festival Cider club (£20)
September 30th: Smith Hayne Cider
October 28th: TBC
November 25th: Skyborry Cider
December 30th: TBC

Cider Club began in April 2018, and grew from an idea into a successful, beautiful monthly event where discussion and collaborative learning are at the centre of what has proven to be a particularly delicious event.

Many thanks to all our 2018 & 2019 guests.

  • Bartestree Cider Co

    Bartestree Cider Co

    Dave and Fiona Matthews brought five different single varieties together for Cider Club attendees to create their own blend from, after being tutored through the unique tastes of all of them.
  • Palmer's Upland Cyder

    Palmer's Upland Cyder

    Phill Palmer used his skills from his dayjob as a teacher to great effect, being the only Cider Club presenter to utilise a PowerPoint Presentation!
  • Gregg's Pit Cider & Perry

    Gregg's Pit Cider & Perry

    James Marsden impressed us all with his complex ciders and perries, but also his honesty and openness. One of the most educational and informative Cider Clubs from one of the legends of Herefordshire Cider.
  • Hallets Real Cider

    Hallets Real Cider

    Andy’s Cider Club was remarkable because of the passionate discussion it prompted. The energy in the room was palpable; and all left feeling invigorated in the mission to spread the word of Cider!
  • Seb's Cider

    Seb's Cider

    Seb Hughes impressed us all in our final Cider Club of 2019, keeping club members completely engrossed for the duration of his talk and tasting.
  • Even Cidermakers come to Cider Club!

    Even Cidermakers come to Cider Club!

    John Edwards, of Flybynight Cider and Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Co. pours a cider for James Forbes, of Little Pomona.