Yew Tree Cider Trials & Festival Competition to be held July 13th 2019

A peer judged Cider and Perry competition with complete transparency of voting

The Second Annual Yew Tree Cider Challenge took place on Saturday June 9th 2018!

Champion Cider Bartestree Cider Co.

Champion Perry Bartestree Cider co.

Dry Cider

First Place – Palmer’s Upland Cyder

Second Place – Seb’s Cider

Joint Third Place – Natural Riches and Williams Brothers Cider

Medium Cider

First Place – Bartestree Cider Co.

Second Place – Artistraw Cider

Third Place – Brecon Beacon’s Cider

Sweet Cider

First Place – Barbourne Cider

Joint Second Place – Henhope Cider and Williams Brothers Cider

Dry Perry

First Place – Springherne Cider

Joint Second Place – Gregg’s Pit Cider & Perry and Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Co.

Medium Perry

Joint First Place – Bartestree Cider Co., Gregg’s Pit Cider & Perry and Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Co. 

Sweet Perry

First Place – Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Co.

Second Place – Barbourne Cider

Third Place – Mayfayre Cider & Perry

Click here to download a Word Document of all the 2018 Winners

Click here to explore the spreadsheet of votes cast.

Taking place over a weekend, with the judging on Saturday, the Yew Tree Cider Challenge is a cider competition inspired by the Big Apple Cider Trials, with peer-judging and complete transparency.

All ciders and perries should be pure juice, with no artificial sweeteners.

This event is FREE ENTRY to the public. All competition cider and perry will be on sale for you to taste.

We have combined this with a pub cider festival where the entries are on sale and profits from the sale of your cider or perry will go to our charity of the year which for 2018 is HOPE Support Services.

Last year we raised an incredible £900 for HOPE. We hope to break the thousand this year!

  • WHAT?
    • A Cider Loving Weekend – Live Music, Cider Competition, Lovely Food
  • WHERE?
    • The Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6JZ
  • WHEN?
    • Friday 8th to June 10th 2018
    • Nope! FREE ENTRY!
  • WHY?
    • For the love of CIDER!