The Yew Tree Cider Challenge!

July 30th and 31st, the Yew Tree Cider Challenge returns to Peterstow. We are so excited to get back to doing what we love most, discussing and drinking cider and perry with friends. Come along for the opportunity to try some unbelievable ciders and perries, or enter your own!

A peer judged Cider and Perry competition with complete transparency of voting


Taking place over a weekend, with the judging on Saturday, the Yew Tree Cider Challenge is a cider competition inspired by the Big Apple Cider Trials, with peer-judging and complete transparency.

All ciders and perries should be pure juice, with no artificial sweeteners. There are no restrictions on who can enter.

This event is FREE ENTRY to the public. All competition cider and perry will be on sale for you to taste.

We have combined this with a pub cider festival where the entries are on sale and profits from the sale of your cider or perry will go to our charity of the year which is Tree Aid

In 2019 we raised an incredible £1000 for HOPE. So come along and join in and raise some money whilst drinking cider!

  • WHAT?
    • A Cider Loving Weekend – Draught cider competition on Saturday (Dry/Med/Sweet classes for Cider & Perry), with roundtable bottle sharing on the Sunday
  • WHERE?
    • The Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6JZ
  • WHEN?
    • Saturday 30th July to Sunday 31st July
    • Nope! FREE ENTRY!
  • WHY?
    • For the love of CIDER!

For entrants – click on these links to download the rules, information and entry form.

Detailed Rules

Competition Info 2022

  Entry Form 2022

Entry forms can be completed digitally and sent to

In 2022 we are once again hosting a special ‘Bottled Cider & Perry Round Table’
  • 12 noon, Sunday 31st July.
  • A constructive round table to encourage production of the highest quality cider and perry possible and to stimulate public interest in cider and perry as high value products.
  • All participants to sit around one or more tables, to discuss each entry in turn, and to describe, criticise, assess and praise ciders and perries in a collaborative manner, based upon both taste and aroma as well as comparison with submitted ‘tasting notes’ to discuss whether the bottled product achieves the aims of the producer
  • If interested, please bring two bottles of your best cider, with optional tasting notes.
  • Bottles deemed ‘outstanding’ will receive a certificate

2019 Champion Cidermaker Bartestree Cider Co.

2019 Champion Perrymaker Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Co.

Click here to download a Word Document of all the 2019 Winners

Click here to explore the spreadsheet of votes cast.

2018 Champion Cidermaker Bartestree Cider Co.

2018 Champion Perrymaker Bartestree Cider Co.

Click here to download a Word Document of all the 2018 Winners

Click here to explore the spreadsheet of votes cast.