It’s a Veggie thing @ The Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow


Coming on Saturday 12th December at our pub, The Yew Tree Inn, Peterstow, is a Christmas Veggie spectacular. A four course meal for £20! Make your booking now with

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If you aren’t aware then the Yew Tree also has a fun new event that happens every week – Cider Thursday. Every Thursday in the Yew Tree our draught cider goes on sale, as well as two special Ciders of the Week and one special Perry of the week. Just stop by and have a drink with us!

How goes the harvest?

As I am sure all of you know, autumn is a busy time for us. The apples start to fall, the pears start to rot, the leaves begin to turn and the juice has to be pressed! We sell the vast majority of our apples to Bulmers but we are lucky enough to turn around one hundred tons into cider (and pears into perry!) for you, and us, to enjoy. We’ve been at it for about a month now so here is a quick news post as we’re nearing the midpoint!

Amazingly we have nearly pressed around 15,000L. All of that is now sat in our storage to slowly ferment of it’s own natural yeasts over the coming months. Of this, it is probably a 75/25 split of cider and perry. We’ve also sent over 100 tonnes of apples to Bulmers out of our pre-season estimate of 300 tonnes. There is plenty to be done!

This week we wrote down the names of all our orchards onto the blackboard in the main barn so we could cross out the ones that have been fully harvested. It was a touch depressing when we were only able to cross out two names! Thankfully for us we have had a reasonably dry October. This has helped us immensely with the machinery, if you have had a walk around the farm you’ll know some of our orchards are very steep indeed – the tractors do not like wet hills with six tonne trailers!

This past week saw us pay a visit to Brockhampton Orchard, a massive perry pear field on the Brockhampton estate that we are lucky enough to pick every year. With a hardy crew we managed to hand pick around half the orchard, a massive 2.2 tonnes of pears. It took us the next five days to catch up on our pressing at home, working our way through the Brockhampton pears, our Aylton Red Pear, some green looking Bartestree Squash as well as a blend of Brown and Norman apples, a barrel of Mixed Desserts and a Strawberry Field blend with a fair few Harry Masters Jerseys, Bramleys and more!

Here is a small gallery (click for big!) of the hard work so far:

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bobmikenickpressingperry pickinIMAG1317

Welcome to the new website!

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the new homepage of Ross on Wye Cider & Perry Co.

Watch this space as we continue to update all of our pages with the latest developments from the farm across the site. Updated prices, stock lists, events and camping information!

Be very excited also for our hopefully upcoming video series – timelapses of the farm, updates on the harvest season, interviews with the legendary figures of Mike, Phil, Cindy and John!