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Fact Sheets For our flagship ciders

Raison d'Être 2021
Raison d’Être 2021
Raison d'Être 2019
Raison d’Être 2019
Organised and hosted by Ross-on-Wye Cider and Perry Co., with the talented support and involvement of Gabe Cook (The Ciderologist), Oliver’s Cider & Perry, and Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery.

CIDER SCHOOL – Monday June 10th

Cider. We all want to sell more of it, but how? Do you and your staff want to become more passionate and more informed? Do you work for a bar, restaurant, bottle shop or deli that doesn’t really get cider, but are personally interested? If you work in hospitality or retail, we want you to come to Cider School!
 • Take the chance to find out about cider in one of its key heartlands.
 • Walk the orchards and taste the ciders made from those trees.
• Hear how keg is revolutionising craft cider sales.
• Find out from the leaders how 75cl bottles can significantly add to your repertoire.
• Enjoy a generously sized lunch with beautiful locally matched cider pairings.
Cider and Perry are amazing drinks – made with great provenance, sustainability and history – and we need your help to tell their story. Drinkers love experiencing new, authentic flavours and aromas and cider and perry can captivate and mesmerize them!
Interest and appreciation of craft/natural/real cider is greater than ever before, with more producers and more quality in the industry, they also offer distinct selling opportunities. With their link to the land, with the opportunity to connect with the makers, not to mention unrealised food matching potential, these are the drinks that could wow your customers. But it needs you to give them the steer.
To achieve the best sales and repeat custom in your bar, attend Cider School to get all the tools, tips and knowledge to share the story of Cider.